Department store quality
Price Range

This division provides sunglasses, reading glasses and frames for department store and mass market customers.We are capable of developing products with customers¡¦ drawings and concepts.The metal products include Nickel silver and Stainless Steel styles. Plastic injection products use CP, PC and TR90 materials.


US$4.00~US$6.00+ /pair

Optical quality  
Price Range

This division provides optical quality frames and sunglasses for brands, private labels and custom made products.We help in developing products with our customers starting from sketch drawings till final items.We specialized in manufacturing mainly Handmade Acetate, Monel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum styles.


US$7.00~US$12.00+ /pair

Mass market quality
Price Range

This division offers sunglasses and reading glasses products targeting for the mass market and promotional premium items.Our products include Nickel silver, stainless metal styles and injection plastic styles in CP and PC materials.


US$1.50~US$2.50+ /pair

Domestic distributor in Taiwan
Price Range

This division distributes sunglasses and reading glasses in Taiwan. Besides distributing our own brands, we also develop private labels for our domestic customers.This division carries products ranging from all the other 3 divisions and covers from high end optical lines to big volume promotional premium sunglasses for gifts.


NT.$980~NT.$2280 /pair

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